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Golden Time: A University story with a hint of Romance, comedy, and maybe more

November 29, 2013 Leave a comment
Characters from Golden Time Source:

Characters from Golden Time

Golden Time, originally a light novel series written by Yuyuko Takemiya has taken the stage as a newly released anime series. Golden time follows the unpredictable life of a first year law student Banri Tada, thus allowing the viewer to share the experiences both joyful and upsetting of the protagonist.

As the series is new it is hard to classify the show by genre. If I had to guess from what I have watched so far Golden Time is a romantic comedy or slice of life that is set not in a high school environment, but in a University or college environment. Read more…


Video of the week 7

April 6, 2012 1 comment

Hey Everyone

Today for this week’s video of the week, I have posted a very touching amv. It relates to the anime called True Tears, which by the way is one I will be watching very soon. Anyway I hope you enjoy :)


Toradora Anime talk

March 11, 2012 6 comments

Hey Everyone

Today I am going to talk about the anime which I mentioned in the last video of the week. The anime is called Toradora and it is a high school romance, with a great balance of comedy as well as family and friend issues tied in with emotion. The show consists of 25 episodes at a standard length of around 20 minutes each, so if you really want to watch it as fast as possible it would probably take you 2-3 days depending on your schedule.

Anyway the show mainly focuses on 2 characters, a teenage male named Ryuji who is somewhat falsely classified as a scary delinquent mainly due to his eyes, (this then becomes a running joke in the anime as the audience sees that Ryuji in reality is like a stay at home parent who cooks and cleans, and becomes whipped over the main female character in the story) and the second character is a short but dangerous female teenage character named Taiga (also reffered to as a legend by the name of the palmtop tiger due to her height and agressive nature). Read more…

Next anime talk?

March 8, 2012 2 comments

Hey Everyone

I wanted to try something different in regards to which anime I choose to talk about and review. So I thought that I should have a listen to what the viewers want to read about the most. I have 5 animes in mind:

  • Toradora (the anime from video os the week 4)
  • Bakemonogatari (A supernatural and spastic/seisure like highschool romance)
  • Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien ( A tragic story that would realistically be replicated in the real world if the same thing occured)
  • A general summary and overview of the Hellsing Ultimate OVAs
  • A lengthy talk on the Death Note series (However will take at least a few days to write up properly)

So there you have it i’ll add in a poll and you can vote on which ever option you want and I will put in effort to write about it for the next anime talk. Anyway, till next time.


Video of the Week 4

March 7, 2012 1 comment

Hey Everyone

This Week’s video of the week is an amv on an anime called Toradora, I have yet to talk about this anime in a talk of some sort, however I can say that it is one of the better romance stories out there with the ending being pretty bold :P. Anyway here it is and I hope it gets you guys interested.



Eden of the East Anime

March 4, 2012 7 comments

Hey Everyone

Just finished up a massive amount of study for a maths test tomorrow, so I thought I would wind down and relax by talking about Anime. Eden of the East is a romance based anime however it doesn’t always follow the conventional flow of one. Eden is a relatively new anime, and the ideas pretty much reflect it through its unique storyline, animation, characters and the occasional WTF no way moments :P. Read more…

Clannad + Clannad Afterstory Anime

February 2, 2012 6 comments

Hey everyone
This is going to be a little bit hard to talk about but ill try my best. Anyway Clannad is broken down into two seasons, Clannad and Clannad Afterstory and for this saga of anime both parts must be watched to get the full picture. The story starts off in a perculier way, we see a teenage boy in his school uniform walking up a hill towards a strange girl standing in the middle of the pathway with her eyes closed. We come to know these characters as the main characters Tomoya is the boy and Nagisa being the girl. Getting back to the story the girl sharply says ‘sweet bean bread’ (in Japanese of course) and randomly starts asking whether he likes his school because she likes it a lot……….. On top of that it is revealed that the words weren’t directed at him but someone in her heart……

Yeah a little bit of a shaky and uneasy start but at that point Tomoya says some advice to Nagisa and the coloration changes to show a connection between the two. Yadayadayada yeah boring just another anime school romance stories. Well thats what I initially thought, however a lot changed after the story progressed especially in the after story. Without spoling too much the first season shows the build-up of friendships between tomoya and his friendship group a couple of sidestorys here and there and him and Nagisa get together.

Basically the first season of this saga is not that important but has to be watched to understand where characters come from, how they act, what their initial feelings are etc. There is also comedy throughout both seasons and a portion is within the first. Now the 2nd season or Clannad Afterstory is really where it gets interesting, it follows on from the ending of the first season and continues past the graduation of all the main characters in the saga. However the relationships get a bit more serious at this point, Children are born, individuals die, people solve and develop problems and there is terrible sadness almost if not equal to that of Elfen Lied. I really don’t want to spoil the story for anyone so i’m really sorry for being vauge. But let me tell you this as a 17 yr old male, there were a couple of scenes which literally made tears gush from my eyes. And that really is not an easy thing to accomplish in film.

Sorry if I haven’t described this one too great but overall this story is very plot driven in the 2nd season, the characters are eh in the first season (more comedic than anything) but there is a seriously drastic change in the 2nd season, tbh the best part of the whole saga is the 2nd season but I must stress you must finish the first to really get an emotional attachment to the characters in the 2nd. Artwork and music is also amazing in this anime and the composer as done a great deal to capture emotion and serious psychological problems in the way camera angles are set out, colours flow and the scenery that associates the school and pathways is just amazing to say the least. Definetly is one that should be watched by all individuals of almost any age, and I stress almost any age due to some of the confronting issues some of the characters face both in the first and second season. Ill also post a link to an amv for this anime, however I must warn you it does contain some pretty major spoilers so if you haven’t watched clannad before I wouldn’t watch it, but if you have feel free to do as you please :)