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The Devil Z…

December 3, 2014 Leave a comment

Based on Car culture and more specifically The Midnight club, a highly infamous street racing group in the 80s to 90s Wangan Midnight follows Read more…


Next Anime Talk is on Initial D

October 16, 2012 5 comments

Hey Everyone

Thought I would give people a heads up on the talk I’ve decided to do on Initial D. I finished watching the series a little while back, however due to my absence from the site I never got a chance to write about it, So after I finish exams or when I get a decent chance to Ill post up my thoughts on the series. However for those who don’t know anything about Initial D it is essentially a show about a boy driving around in a Toyota Corolla AE86 delivering tofu, whilst also becoming a street ‘touge’ or mountain racer. The show is a cult classic in the anime driving genre for various reasons. For myself it is due to the realism of most of the driving techniques shown in the show, that can theoretically be put into use in real life whether it is on the circuit, or in general driving. Anyway I thought I would leave you with an AMV showcasing some of the action in the 2nd and 4th stage.

Hope you enjoy