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My thoughts on Bleach 515

November 10, 2012 1 comment

Hey Everyone

As Bleach has been a hot topic for the last couple of weeks I thought I may as well make comments on each successive chapter. This week’s chapter consisted of a brief look on the aftermath and devastation caused by the Vandenreich, and a successful troll by Kubo regarding Byakuya. Read more…


Bleach 514 Thoughts

October 30, 2012 6 comments


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I just had a read of the latest Bleach chapter, and I’m a little surprised with the development Kubo has made. What I have gathered from this chapter is: Read more…

Looking back at Bleach

October 13, 2012 2 comments

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I was browsing through some Bleach Amvs before, and I couldn’t help but wonder why they cut off the anime when they did. Right now Bleach is at another peak, and viewers loose the experience of watching the manga unfold in the form of animation. Anyway I’m not involved in the production of the show so I can’t just make things happen, however I can still remember the epic moments I experienced watching the show such as Ichigo’s 2nd hollow form. As a form of appreciation I thought that I should add a link to an epic amv showcasing this event.

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Bleach Fans

October 13, 2012 8 comments

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Just wanted to make a mention of the latest Bleach arc. As some of you may or may not know, Bleach was on a course downhill, the anime was cancelled and the last arc the anime featured was one of the most dullest parts of the whole series in my opinion. However that has changed completely with Tite Kubo’s latest arc ‘The Thousand Year Blood War’. Without spoiling too much the author has gone into overdrive in this arc through a war between Quincy and Shinigami, revealing secrets,powers, and new and deadly/evil characters. So I thought I would let fans who grew old of the series know about this development, as it will definitely get you back into the series. Just a heads up in the next few chapters Squad 0 will be shown (hinting possibly at the origins of Isshin Kurosaki) and its predicted that Ichigo will go apeshit after seeing what has happened to his friends in Soul Society, Anyway here is a beast page from the arc to hopefully motivate people.

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Bleach Manga new and final arc

February 3, 2012 2 comments

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Recently I have come across info on the current status of the bleach manga. Apparently it will be entering its final arc in a matter of days and will span for around a year and a bit in time. I hope that Kubo does as much as he possibly can in creating an entertaining final arc that wraps the whole story together and gives it a fitting farewell that it deserves. Myself and most others would also want to see various things revealed such as all the captain’s Bankai, Isshin’s past and the Soul King.  So there you have it, Ill link you guys to a source explaining these event, as well as an amv to reminisce on the Bleach anime overkill on a butterfly :).
Final Arc