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Golden Time: A University story with a hint of Romance, comedy, and maybe more

November 29, 2013 Leave a comment
Characters from Golden Time Source:

Characters from Golden Time

Golden Time, originally a light novel series written by Yuyuko Takemiya has taken the stage as a newly released anime series. Golden time follows the unpredictable life of a first year law student Banri Tada, thus allowing the viewer to share the experiences both joyful and upsetting of the protagonist.

As the series is new it is hard to classify the show by genre. If I had to guess from what I have watched so far Golden Time is a romantic comedy or slice of life that is set not in a high school environment, but in a University or college environment. Read more…


Toradora Anime talk

March 11, 2012 6 comments

Hey Everyone

Today I am going to talk about the anime which I mentioned in the last video of the week. The anime is called Toradora and it is a high school romance, with a great balance of comedy as well as family and friend issues tied in with emotion. The show consists of 25 episodes at a standard length of around 20 minutes each, so if you really want to watch it as fast as possible it would probably take you 2-3 days depending on your schedule.

Anyway the show mainly focuses on 2 characters, a teenage male named Ryuji who is somewhat falsely classified as a scary delinquent mainly due to his eyes, (this then becomes a running joke in the anime as the audience sees that Ryuji in reality is like a stay at home parent who cooks and cleans, and becomes whipped over the main female character in the story) and the second character is a short but dangerous female teenage character named Taiga (also reffered to as a legend by the name of the palmtop tiger due to her height and agressive nature). Read more…

Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple possible 2nd Anime

February 28, 2012 13 comments

Hey Everyone

Today I have news that may excite fans of Kenichi, as it has been confirmed that a new Video OVA will be released very soon in the future. This is great news as this series is filled with everythng an individual (especially myself :) ) would enjoy: romance, action, martial arts, education as well as a great mix of comedy. However there are also specualtions that this OVA will eventually stem off into a new anime season after the first one finished off. If this is true then that would mean an incredible feat and pure entertainment as the manga essentially went into overdrive after the part where the anime finished.

Here is a link to a source confirming the OVA, and I hope some of you are just as excited as me :) Till next time.