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The Devil Z…

Based on Car culture and more specifically The Midnight club, a highly infamous street racing group in the 80s to 90s Wangan Midnight follows the story of a high school dropout devote his entire life to racing and maintaining his Fairlady Z.

I could talk about the show, its background, and the characters in more detail, but I think for this anime it is only important to understand that racing at 300+km/h on the Wangan motorway is life, because other than a couple of small side stories it is the main premise of the show.

A Fairlady Z, numerous Nissan GTR’s, Porsche turbo, Supra, and even a Ferrari Testarossa make an appearance as race participants in this show.

If you like racing & high performance cars give the show a shot, but if you don’t then steer clear because there isn’t much else.


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