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Golden Time: A University story with a hint of Romance, comedy, and maybe more

Characters from Golden Time Source: www.animevice.com

Characters from Golden Time
Source: http://www.animevice.com

Golden Time, originally a light novel series written by Yuyuko Takemiya has taken the stage as a newly released anime series. Golden time follows the unpredictable life of a first year law student Banri Tada, thus allowing the viewer to share the experiences both joyful and upsetting of the protagonist.

As the series is new it is hard to classify the show by genre. If I had to guess from what I have watched so far Golden Time is a romantic comedy or slice of life that is set not in a high school environment, but in a University or college environment. This goes to show as the viewer is exposed to more mature themes, situations and emotions likely to be experienced by an individual on the fringes of adulthood.

As a University Student I do see some similarities from the show that translate to real life, the awkward moments, the impulsive decisions, the awkwardness, and in some respects the boy-girl interactions have commonalities with real life. However as with most romantic comedies or slice of life anime there are a lot of exaggerated scenes to give it the comedic effect desired.

So far there have only been nine episodes of this anime which started its release on October 3rd of this year. With that said there is still a lot more to expect with the show, and as such I do not wish to write a plot review of any kind as of yet. In my opinion the show is great as it keeps you drawn into the story, character development and relationships with one another.

I would recommend this anime to people looking for a fresh style slice of life, individuals attending University or College, and those who get a kick out of romantic comedy. I sense Golden Time will be one of the must watch anime of this year, with possibly an extension into the next.

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