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Nostalgia Corner (Pokemon part 1)

Hey Everyone

It’s been a while since I last posted, with university starting and other commitments it’s hard to focus on the site, and I guess since it’s pretty low traffic at this stage it probably doesn’t matter that much at all.

Any who I thought It would be good to take this opportunity to start blogging again while I have some free time, and what better topic to talk about than Pokemon. In this part I’d like to talk about the roots and beginnings of Pokemon as well as the accredited manga spin off Pokemon Adventures , rather than the official anime which will be covered in part 2.

As many of you know Pokemon started off as a game envisioned and designed by Satoshi Tajiri and fellow employees of Gamefreak. The concept of Pokemon was thought up by Satoshi as he thought back to his child years outdoors, specifically collecting bugs and insects and the adventures he would have in doing so.

Satoshi expanded on this concept and pitched the idea to Nintendo with the premise of capturing and battling monsters that a player would encounter. Nintendo accepted and provided the little known Gamefreak funding to develop this game. Interestingly this game was the longest Pokemon game in development, taking approximately 5 years to complete, with it finally releasing Pokemon Red and Green Versions in Japan in 1996.

Initially the games were not of great success, the company wasn’t very well known, on top of that the Pokemon sprites in that game were for the most part horrible, as well as the unknown dungeon being quite difficult to complete. However things took a major turn in sales when a secret Pokemon ‘Mew’ was released to the public eye.

Pokemon Green Dragonite Source http://flailthroughs.blogspot.com.au

This was an extremely significant turning point for the franchise, Mew at the time was secretly programmed into the game without the knowledge of Nintendo, a very risky move on Gamefreak’s behalf due to the possibility of errors appearing in game, but it paid off. Competitions were held in order to receive the elusive Pokemon in limited numbers, but they weren’t enough to meet the demand for people wanting a Mew, speculation and rumors emerged of ways to obtain Mew, and sales grew exponentially. Pokemon had reached its first slice of success.

Satoshi’s vision had come true after many years of hard work, and now an anime was in the works, however the anime didn’t turn out the way Satoshi wanted. Have any of you ever asked yourself the question ‘is Red the same character as Ash?’ Well it’s this reason why Satoshi allowed the rights for a spin off manga to go ahead. It is theorised that a big head in Nintendo decided to alter Satoshi’s proposed idea of a world where Pokemon were tools of justice, the main character was Red and would grow and develop, defeating evil and all the rest, essentially it was planned for a more matured audience. After looking at sales though this idea was changed at the last minute as the main demographic for Pokemon were young children, so the anime ended up being dumbed down and the character Ash was envisioned to be a 10 year old child forever, so children could keep relating to him.

This is where the Pokemon Adventure manga comes in. Authored by Hidenori Kusaka it takes the reader on the adventure that was envisioned by Satoshi, following the character’s Red, Blue,Green and Yellow the audience is presented with themes of: evil, corruption, death, heroism and development. The art is well done, and accurately links itself between the game and a realistic world of Pokemon. Really it is Pokemon for a mature audience, and should of been what the anime produced.

That’s it for Part 1, stay tuned for the second part where I will talk about the anime itself and a bit more detail on the spin off manga. I will also place a link to where you can read the Pokemon adventure manga.

Pokemon Adventures

Till next time.

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