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My thoughts on Bleach 515

Hey Everyone

As Bleach has been a hot topic for the last couple of weeks I thought I may as well make comments on each successive chapter. This week’s chapter consisted of a brief look on the aftermath and devastation caused by the Vandenreich, and a successful troll by Kubo regarding Byakuya.

First I want to talk about the actual events of the chapter and what might come out of them.

Soul Society has been given word on the status of Urahara and the gain, they appear to be in good condition by the report received. However if you remember, communication was cut off, and a blade was positioned next to Urahara’s face. This is likely to be the driver for the plot as their are two outcomes from this situation. The first is if they were saved by ally forces and they are not in danger, and the second situation is if it is another enemy. If it is an enemy Ichigo’s friends are likely to be used as hostages in order for Ichigo to be forced to save them with any means necessary. My guess is that a Royal Guard member has saved them and has forced communication out for secrecy.

Rukia and Renji are confirmed alive. I really don’t have any comment on this, as I believe it is was expected.

Shinji has developed medical techniques. This was a little suprising as he didn’t seem to have this expertise during the Hueco Mundo Arc when Hiryori was critically injured. Perhaps he developed these skills in case a similar event were to happen to his friends.

Captain Kurotsuchi as always has some sort of information regarding Ichigo. Next chapter will probably have a conversation between him and Ichigo regarding not only his broken bankai, but also information about Bach and possibly a hint at Ichigo’s origins.

Ichigo is struggling with his thoughts on the aftermath of the whole situation (Most likely about his mother and his abilities). Not much I can comment here besides Ichigo having some sort of worry as stated by Rukia “Why…Did Ichigo make…Such a pitiful face…?” He is most likely going to demand some answers very shortly.

The only thing to remain from the Captain Commander is his Zanpakuto, it has been broken, but is definitely visible on the table in front of the captains. I’m unfortunately hoping that Kubo has indeed killed him off, Yama was blown to bits after being cut in half. However as his Zanpakuto still remains so does the possibility that he has used some sort of technique to survive. This wouldn’t be too much of a suprise though as Kubo does tend to make miracles in regards to the life of his characters, and in the process troll his audience.

The last important part that I found from the chapter is the survival of both Kenpachi and Byakuya. The Kenpachi survival was expected, Byakuya definitely wasn’t. This will make Byakuya fans happy, however it does mean that all those dramatic death like panels for Byakuya were just wasted space….. It is also to be noted that it is believed that the extent of these two captain’s injuries were so great that they are not expected to go back to captain duties. Really all I think this means is that both these characters will force themselves to grow exponentially stronger. For Byakuya it may be learning new techniques and learning how to fight in fear, for Kenpachi it might mean confrontation with his Zanpakuto in order to release his Shikai.

The only other minor part I wanted to mention is the potential leadership of the Gotei 13. If Yama is 100% killed off I believe Kyoraku will take his position. This is due to his knowledge of the Soul Society, closeness to Yama, confidence, and lastly his ability to calm and communicate to his fellow captains.

In regards to the next chapter I’m hoping to see what actually happened to Urahara in Hueco Mundo, and a revealing of secrets by Captain Kurotsuchi and/or other captains. Anyway that’s it for now, I hope you enjoyed the read.

Till Next Time

  1. November 11, 2012 at 11:29 pm

    I’m so happy Byakuya hasn’t been killed off. But I do hope old man Yama is gone. I actually want to see Kyoraku as the new Captain Commander. I agree, he is the one that would make the best replacement and it would be interesting to see him in his new role because he’d be forced to take stuff seriously now.

    I don’t think Shinji knows healing techniques. He was just the one to come inform Ichigo because he knows him well. Note that he’s at the meeting about Old Man Yama, whereas Captain Unohana wasn’t there and most likely because she was busy healing the wounded. I don’t think they could have spared Shinji to be at the meeting if he knew healing techniques.

    I think the reason Byakuya and Kenpachi were wounded so badly was to take them out of action for the time being and give the lessen seen captains some room to shine. I’m fine with that.

    I’m guessing Ichigo’s pitiful face is also tied to the revelation about his mother. I mean, Rukia does state its like he’s hiding something and what does Ichigo have to hide but that? I’m looking forward to the next chapter as well~

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