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School Days Anime- A show about love and the effects of misusing it

January 31, 2012 2 comments

Hey everyone, today I want to talk about the anime called School Days. School Days follows the life of a typical teenage boy Makoto, he is initially a shy boy and likes a girl Kotonoha yadayadayada they get together and live happily ever after……….(pause)NOT!!!! Read more…


Death Note USA Movie 2014

January 30, 2012 50 comments

Hey Everyone

Unfortunately the dreaded Hollywood film by Warner Bros has finally been confirmed to be in the making. The cast hasn’t been fully confirmed as of now, but speculations say that Zac Efron will play the role of Light, and Johnny Depp will play the role of L.

However putting that aside, the chances of this movie being a complete and utter flop is massively high. This is from years of experience of viewing other anime and manga being transformed into live action films. A recent example was that of Dragon ball Evolution, which in my opinion and many others was a terrible film.

But hope is not entirely lost, unlike most anime Death Note focuses mainly on a somewhat realistic, and relateable lifestyle, as all characters, bar the Shingami Ryuk are human, and no one except the death note users possess inhuman qualities or powers. Finally the original Death Note focuses on morals and a twisting plot which keeps everyone guessing on what will happen next.

Therefore if the producers can somehow stick to those main qualities, and not alter the story too much, this film will be successful not only with the fans of the series, but also on a global consumer audience. Here is a link that confirms the date of Death Note in 2014 from the site IMDb.

Overall I am looking forward to this movie and how it pans out, but in reality there is pretty much less than 5% chance of the film being done properly after all the modifications done to the script, as well as choosing the right characters for the job.

*edited 30/3/13 to fix up my terrible grammer
*It appears the release date from the link I posted has been removed because of this, 2014 as a release date is questionable. (18/2/14)

New Dragon Ball series to be released?

January 30, 2012 2 comments

Its probably just false speculation but there are many rumours are revolving around the internet about the introduction of a new dragonball series which completely ignores that of GT. IF this was true I, as well as many other millions of fans would be extremely happy to see justice made on the DBZ series after the slander GT put on the serie’s name. However after not seeing a canon episode for around 15 years I am pretty sure that its safe to say that there will not be another episode. The only thing we have seen are the specials such as ‘Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!’ released in 2008 and ‘Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock’ released in late December of 2011. (In case you havent seen this special I will provide a link)

These specials are great, and allow us to remember and cherish the Dragon Ball series which many of us first saw in our childhood. But the overall situation on my eyes say that we will see more specials like this in the near future as a part of the Dragon Ball SSSS Project however I don’t believe we will ever see the light of day of an official Dragon ball series that will go after DBZ and scrap GT.


Quickest way to level up sneak in Skyrim

January 30, 2012 1 comment

Hey everyone, just letting everyone who plays skyrim know of a very useful tip in regards to leveling up sneak. It is very simple, essentially all you do is go to High Hrothgar, sneak up behind the meditating Greybeards and slash them. For some reason they dont attack you and they have a very high health range, which makes leveling up sneak a breeze. Below is a video demonstration

And thats all there is to it.  Anyway I hope you guys found it an interesting a useful trick, have fun with it.

Another Anime talk, this time Monster- Naoki Urasawa

January 29, 2012 Leave a comment

Monster by Naoki Urasawa is an extremely psychological story focusing on an extremely gifted Neurosurgeon by the name of Kenzo Tenma and a boy he saved from a gunshot wound to the head. Without spoling too much this anime consists of around 70 episodes and emphasises greatly on plot and character development. Read more…

Fan of Martial arts, Manga and Anime? If so then you will like this series

January 29, 2012 2 comments

If you are a fan of at least one of the above I strongly advise you to check out first of all the anime Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple. It is a great show with exceptional characters and roughly runs along the line of the weak boy Kenichi wishes to get stronger in order to protect Miu. He then goes to a dojo filled with 6 masters, who train his body and teach him necessary skills in order to get stronger. Below ill link an AMV and the advertisement which decided to make my watch it.

All in all Kenichi is filled with comedy as well as some pretty cool martial arts and a reasonably good plot. However I would recommend watching the full anime which consists of 50 episodes. Then continuing onto the manga which goes for around another 300 chapters, anyway if you decide to look further into it Im sure you wont regret it :).


Addiction to Skyrim

January 28, 2012 5 comments

So I wanted to find out what was the big fuss behind the game skyrim. Heaps of my friends and other people on the internet say its a hectic game and that I would love playing it. Anyway I took up the challenge and so far its been 3 days since I started playing it and….. I’m addicted to it lol. Don’t know how long this addiction is going to last but right now I don’t see myself getting off of the game, its just too intense. Anyway thats all I had to say, feel free to comment on your own skyrim experiences, feelings or even feel free to suggest a new topic to talk about.